The Third Time

from by Union Canal



The sky begins to colour at the edges
Timber beneath me swells with the tide
Cool morning air awakens my thoughts
Has He gone?
Was it all for nowt?

My body aches from the morning's graft
With nothing to show a solemn mood weighs down
We sit and wait as land draws near
But there is a change in the air

Sunlight glints through sea mist
As the first rays they break the horizon
Break the horizon
A cry goes up as land appears
And it's golden in the dawn light
Golden in the dawn light

Smoke drifts from a small fire
A man stands alone, beckoning us to come
We steer to shore and feet hit sand
The night is over
Hope has returned


from Archipelago, released May 27, 2017



all rights reserved


Union Canal Edinburgh, UK

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