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Recorded at The Sonic Lodge in Edinburgh in January/February 2017, Archipelago is Union Canal's second EP.


released May 27, 2017

Drew Murphy - Vocals, Guitars, Piano
Ally Graham - Vocals
Tim Britton - Bass guitar, Electric guitar
Peter Duncan - Violin
Ben Seven - Drums, Vocals on 'Another Place'.

All songs written by Drew Murphy.
All songs recorded and mixed by Mark Neal at The Sonic Lodge, Edinburgh.
All songs mastered by Dan Lyth at Hark! Mastering.
Sleeve design by Ben Seven, from original artwork by Hamish McWilliam.



all rights reserved


Union Canal Edinburgh, UK

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Track Name: Something Lost
I don’t know what I am looking for
But that doesn’t stop me
Searching high and low

At the top of mountains I seek you
Wading into rivers
I find so much joy

Something lost can be found again
Don’t give up
Don’t give up

There are people you should go and find
The ones that help you
Question what you know

The ocean it draws my view out wide
Filling my senses
I feel so alive

The fire is in you
The Lord He continues to surprise me
Seek out adventure
Don’t let life get you down
Track Name: Archipelago
I see change coming towards me
Like a wave in the distance
Swelling as it comes closer
Ready to break over me

Will I be able to ride it?
Following its curve
Gliding down its face
Momentum is driving me

Or will I be knocked off my feet?
Tumbling backwards
Lost in the tumult
Disorientated by the powerful sea

Islands appear slowly
Drawn out of the mist
Their hills tower above us
Each higher than the last

An archipelago of hope
Places to anchor
Away from the storm
In their topology I find rest for my soul
Track Name: The Third Time
The sky begins to colour at the edges
Timber beneath me swells with the tide
Cool morning air awakens my thoughts
Has He gone?
Was it all for nowt?

My body aches from the morning's graft
With nothing to show a solemn mood weighs down
We sit and wait as land draws near
But there is a change in the air

Sunlight glints through sea mist
As the first rays they break the horizon
Break the horizon
A cry goes up as land appears
And it's golden in the dawn light
Golden in the dawn light

Smoke drifts from a small fire
A man stands alone, beckoning us to come
We steer to shore and feet hit sand
The night is over
Hope has returned
Track Name: Out To Sea
I came down the mountainside
Down to the valley low
Down that beaten path
Where so many go
There was a river there
It flowed deep and strong
There I quenched my thirst
I fell to my knees

And I, I went down, down so far
I couldn't breathe
But I wanted more
So I let go
I floated free
The waves they took me out to sea
Out to sea

When I woke up
The sea was calm
And I was new
The waters dark
The light it broke
Through like the dawn
It lit my soul
Like it was gold
Track Name: Another Place
Looking out across the grey expanse
We stand together yet apart
The wind moves in flurries
Rain stings the face,
Eyes closed

The ocean flows to the horizon line
Dark clouds over to the right
Blue sky at the left hand side
Which will it be?
Only the wind knows

Full of hope the future marches on
Around me others journey too
The water laps at their knees, their waists
Will I be taken by the waves?
God knows